About the Coach

The Coach
Asics_1Lee Troop is a 3 time Olympic Marathoner from Australia and has represented his country for nearly 15 years in cross country, road and track events.

His fastest marathon time is 2.09:49 and has run sub 2.12 for the marathon six times and having run for over 25 years, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience not only as a runner but also now as a coach to our website.

Lee’s career has had many success’s but he also admits to failures and is not afraid to speak about these so that people can see that even the best can come unstuck but the important thing is to still give 100% regardless of the situation.

Lee has assisted and given guidance over many years but seriously started coaching in 2006. He has worked with runners at the top level winning national medals through to others just wanting to complete their first marathon under 4hrs.

Lee’s philoposy is simple. “Running is not a complicated sport, you put one foot in front of the other and try to get from point A to point B as quick as you can. I like to keep things simple and enjoyable and really thrive on people achieving their goals. The marathon is very reflective of life with many ups and downs mirrored with agony and ecstasy and what people learn through preparing and running a marathon usually stays with them for life”.

Lee ‘s Personal Best Times:

- 3000m        7.41.78
- 5000m        13.14.82
- 10000m        27.51.27
- Half Marathon    1hr 01.00
- Marathon        2hr 09.49

Lee’s brief bio of major achievements:

-    1993/94 Attended South Plains College, Texas USA on a running scholarship.

-    Australian Championships:
Marathon         – 2006
Half Marathon     – 1997
10km Track         – 1997, 1998, 2004 and 2006
Cross Country     – 1997, 2000 and 2006

-    Chiba Ekiden Relay Representative (Japan)
1995, 1997 and 2006

-    World Half Marathon Representative:
Slovakia         - 1997

-    World Cross Country Representative:
South Africa     – 1996
Morocco     - 1998
Belfast     – 1999
Belgium     - 2001 and 2004

-    Commonwealth Games Representative:
Kuala Lumpur 1998     – 7th in the 10km and 6th in the 5km
Manchester 2002     – 7th in the Marathon

-    World Championship Representative:
Seville 1999     – 20th in the 5km
Paris 2003     – 17th in the Marathon

-    Broke Ron Clarke’s 33-year-old Australian 5km track record February 1999.

-    Olympic Games Representative:
Sydney 2000     – 66th in the Marathon
Athens 2004     – 28th in the Marathon
Beijing 2008     – 60th in the Marathon


Marathon Career (18):

-    April 1999        London Marathon (UK)        11th     2hr 11.21
-    April 2000        5th Host City Marathon (Sydney)    5th     2hr 18.50
-    October 2000        Olympics (Sydney)            66th     2hr 29.32
-    April 2001        Rotterdam Marathon (Netherlands)    6th     2hr 10.04
-    August 2002        Commonwealth Games (UK)        7th     2hr 16.44
-    March 2003        Lake Biwa Marathon (Japan)                 7th     2hr 09.49
-    August 2003        World Championships (Paris)               17th     2hr 11.46
-    April 2004        London Marathon (UK)                          8th     2hr 09.58
-    September 2004    Olympics (Athens)             28th     2hr 18.46
-    December 2005    Fukuoka Marathon (Japan)        45th     2hr 29.13
-    July 2006           Gold Coast Marathon (Queensland)    1st     2hr 14.13
-    April 2007        Paris Marathon (France)        DNF        DNF
-    September 2007    Berlin Marathon (Germany)        6th     2hr 10.31
-    March 2008        Lake Biwa Marathon (Japan)        DNF        DNF
-    August 2008        Olympics (Beijing)            60th          2hr 27.17
-    November 2008    Shanghai Marathon (China)        8th     2hr 21.43
-    April 2009        Boston Marathon (USA)        13th     2hr 16.21
-    October 2009        Carpi Marathon (Italy)            3rd    2hr 16.13

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