How Many Half-Marathons Can You Race in a Year PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marathon Guru Team   
Monday, 21 November 2011 03:58

halfRunning a half marathon is a big undertaking. Many people think that since it is less than a marathon that this race distance can be taken lightly but this is not true.

A healthy runner can run a maximum of six good half marathons per year but if you are striving for "excellent" performances, then you can aim for 3 - 4 half marathons a year.

What starts to happen when you go beyond this number is that your body is not recovering very well and it starts to affect how much training/build up you will have before each effort. The amount of time spent training between each half will dictate how close you can come to your real potential at that race distance. Understanding this will help you get the most out of your race experiences but also remember that if you throw in a few 5km and 10km races, then the number of half marathons you can race will decrease if you want to race to the best of your ability.


If you are more about quantity rather than quality, then running 1 half marathon every two months will suffice.

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