Running shorts versus compression shorts PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marathon Guru   
Thursday, 15 March 2012 19:49
cshortsFor many people, getting used to running in real running shorts is enough of a challenge even though they do offer advantages to those serious runners or those seriously training. However, the next step in running apparel is the compression short. Compression shorts are longer than running shorts but made of polyester and they are skin tight. Think of tights that only cover down to your knees and while running shorts are useful for the free range of movement they allow, compression shorts cut down on this movement slightly but their main advantage is to keep your quads and hamstrings warm without overheating you.
For many people these are the perfect option for cold mornings when you have a workout to do. They are especially useful for speed work, even when it is not cold outside, because in addition to keeping your quads and hamstrings warm, they also help to hold your muscles in place a little bit which makes it easier to use your speed/ strength power for a little bit longer. Another value in compression shorts is recovery. You can use the compression shorts under normal clothing or wear them to bed and with glute, hamstring or quad niggles/injuries they can assist in better blood flow and aiding recovery time.
The compression shorts work to the same theory as compression socks do for your calves. In general, compression shorts can be used interchangeably with running shorts even during long runs or easy days but they are especially useful on cold days when you have speed work to do.