physioWe are sad to here that you have an injury, but don't panic! If you are able to get good advice you be able to return to training in no time.

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Most runners would spend $130 on a new pair of running shoes at a blink of an eye…and see it as essential for achieving your running goals (well not for those that are barefoot runners, but for the rest of us). New running singlet or latest watch to track our performance may not take too long to convince yourself the value or need either.


But time and time again you find runners guilty of neglecting to seek professional medical advice early, either to prevent injury or recover quickly. They can't justify the costs in their mind as it seems extravagant or unimportant, or they'll wait and see if it gets worse…but what can be more important than the health of your body?

A common cycle is that an athlete will let pain continue until it is nearly unbearable or stops them from running altogether. When you reach this stage the cost to return to original health is exponential. Rather than spending $80 once off to see a Physio it may cost you $400 to see them 5 weeks in a row to overcome a more severe problem and of course you will loose time from the activity that you love most- running.


The smarter runners "listen and observe their own body" and "REACT quickly", for example if you feel tightness in your shins, immediately booking an appointment with a podiatrist who may correct a gait problem and prevent shin splints or stress fractures..(don't worry I'm speaking from experience).


If you feel sluggish for more than a week, it's time to book an appointment with a dietitian to assess the health of your food intake, or a Sports Doctor (GP) to get a blood test to identify if there is any deficiencies that need to be addressed.


Here are some more examples of where a runner should head at the "START" of these symptoms:

Leg pain (for more than 1 day) : Podiatrist, Physio, Masseur, Accupunturist

Back Pain(for more than 2 days): Physio, Clinical Pilates, Osteopath, Masseur, Accupunturist

Feeling Tired/Sluggish (for more than 4 days): Sports Doctor (GP), Dietician, Natrapath

Muscle strain/ligament sprain (straight away): Ice then to Physio


Paying to see these professionals to remain healthy is not an extravagant activity it is part of the joy of running. You will gain an enormous understanding of your body by using these professionals and you will discover weaknesses that once strengthened will improve your performance (in some instances quite significantly) whilst prevent the reoccurrence of injury, or the onset of more significant injury.


"Be smart"