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We offer three forms of training programs Static, which you can download, static that is online as per below or our feature program "Marathon Guru" which transforms training into a motivating exciting experince. This delivers a estimated time prediction every training session and adjust according to your ability to keep up with the program.





"Lee coached me for a two year period and during that time I improved dramatically. He always took the time to sit down and discuss my shorKristent and long term goals and then plan my training and racing in order to achieve those goals. Lee's belief and encouragement led me to achieve times and goals that I doubted I could achieve. It was his ability to set high goals that created an improved belief in myself and helped me to stretch beyond what I thought I was capable of.
The biggest lessons Lee taught me were to be more consistent in my training, patient in my approach and make running a priority. He was straight down the line and honest in his feedback which also helped me to become not only a stronger runner but a more confident person. His training was relevant, enjoyable and included a variety of sessions.
Throughout the time Lee coached me, my 10km PB improved by almost two minutes from 38 to 36mins. I also ran 90seconds quicker over 5000metres on the track. I also got to a standard where I could compete in National Races and even the Zatopek Classic in Melbourne and National Cross. Races that I had previously not even considered entering. I developed greater endurance, speed-endurance, strength and overall gained more confidence in my running. I have had a number of coaches and Lee was the coach that helped me to achieve my greatest success and make the most substantial improvement.
Having never run competitively Lee started me off with a simple program to see if I were serious about attempting a marathon. After a number of months training Lee invited me to meet more regularly and continued to update my training. I was amazed at the passion and enthusiasm he was showing towards me, a non athlete, but later on after getting to know him realised in Lee’s eyes everyone stands on equal footing and he is prepared to support anyone who will have a go regardless of ability....

Having followed Lee's program as much as I could I felt myself getting stronger in my running and the short speed sessions he incorporated I could tell helped me in the longer runs. 2007 Melbourne marathon was the goal and I ran the race and broke the 3 hour mark finishing in 2hrs 58minutes.

The training Lee set was really enjoyable and included a lot of variability which made it so enjoyable (even the You Yang track). There is no way I would of achieved the marathon at the goal time he set without his expertise in regards to running, diet etc. I could not fault any part of the programs he set and what really come through was his passion for running and his enjoyment in seeing people achieve their goals regardless of ability.            Kevin McMahon, Geelong.. Australia

GREAT-OCEAN-ROAD-MARATHON-IA005152-325507-walker"The guidance and inspiration that Lee gave me was instrumental in my progression from being a 2hr30min marathoner down to a sub 2hr20min runner and winner of the 2007 Melbourne Marathon.

The tailored programmes  that have been refined through the course of his personal experience as an elite runner over almost two decades concentrate on establishing consistency and progressive development.  Also critical was his ability to inspire self belief and instil the work ethic essential to achieving your personal goals as a distance runner

In particular the ability to careful structure the program as peak races approached and to plan in detail the racing strategy was the major factor behind my win at the 2007 Melbourne Marathon and some of the subsequent success I have enjoyed.

As a mentor and coach I cannot recommend Lee Troop more highly and for the highly motivated athlete looking to take the next step in performance there is no better way to increase your potential than by tapping into the experience and guidance that comes from years of putting theory into practice at the highest level."

Rowan Walker, winner of the 2007 Melbourne Marathon



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